Exhilarating Adventure Activities in India

Published: 03rd January 2012
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If you are looking for adventure, then you shouldn’t forget to come to India. The country offers several thrilling and breathtaking adventure destinations which can offer you an adventure experience you won’t forget in your entire lifetime. Some adventure activities in India include mountaineering, fishing and angling, camel safari and many more.

Adventure India Travels

Are you a traveler looking for adventure? Do you enjoy the excitement of new destinations? Can you accept the challenge of evaluating yourself to the limit? If you’re looking for adventure, then it’s better for you to have an adventure tour to India and have the adventure experience that you’ll never forget in your whole life. Feel the excitement of rafting down a snow-fed river or climbing up the Himalayan peak. A journey across the Rajasthan Desert and taking a riding through a camel and trail tigers in the jungle on an elephant safari is really an exciting experience.

India offers lots of adventure destinations like trekking, skiing, paragliding, water sports and many more. In fact, you can find tour agencies in India which will show you the most exciting adventure destinations so you can have a memorable adventure in this country.

Adventure India Tours

With the varied topography of India, the country offers numerous adventure travel choices. With the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea on the south as well as the high rise mountains in the north, India gives a great opportunity for several adventure travels. You can raft down the gushing rivers in the foothills of Himalayas or take an adventure to the snow covered peaks in the Himalayas. If you think that adventure is spending time to watch sea life under the ocean, come and explore an exotic sea life at Andaman and Lakshadweep islands. India also has numerous wildlife sanctuaries which can offer an amazing wildlife experience. India is also offering several water sports activities.

India’s Camel Safari

If you are the ready and a rough adventurer who is searching for a remarkable adventure, then travel the Great Thar through the camel safari as offered by the India tourism. This is one adventure activity that will test how determined you are to see it until the end. Of course, you could always choose a less rigorous and easier path, but the real excitement and fun of a camel safari is travelling with an original style.

Mountaineering in India tours

India is offering a thrilling mountaineering experience for those adventure sport lovers. The Himalayas that extends from north-east of India to far north-west offers numerous high rise peaks that are considered perfect for mountaineering. Some of the breathtaking mountaineering places in India are Sikkim, Lahul Spiti and Kully Valley located in Himachal Pradesh, Kumaon Himalayas and Garhwal in Uttaranchal and Leh Ladakh in Kashmir and Jammu.

Fishing and Angling During India Tours

Fishing and angling are two unusual adventure activities among the several other that are offered in India tours. They are particularly fitted to the Indian sub continent due to the numerous rivers originated from the upper reaches of the wonderful Himalayas and track through the expansive Gangetic Plains. The clear flowing waters of these different rivers as well as their branches provide great fishing and angling holiday destinations that are mesmerizing in their clean and crisp mountain beauty, and wealthy breeding ground of numerous different varieties of fish. The adventurous locations in India tourism for fishing and angling range from high altitude lakes, snow-fed streams, majestic Himalayan valleys to the wide coastal stretches of the Bay Bengal and Arabian Sea.

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